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Our Story

In Spring of 2016, our family opened San Fermo on historic Ballard Avenue in Seattle‘s oldest house. Our restaurant serves traditional Italian with locally sourced regional ingredients. Our dream was to eventually operate a small family farm to support the restaurant and fulfill our vision for a sustainable relationship with the land, our food, and each other.


In 2021 we purchased a 140-year-old farm on the north fork of the Skagit River outside of La Conner, Washington. We operate 34 acres with pasture-raised livestock, free-range fowl, market gardens, and orchards. Everything we produce on the farm goes to support our restaurant. Each year we plan our agricultural projects with our son, Chef Sam West, and his kitchen team to focus on products they want to feature or are unable to source consistently.

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San Fermo Farm dinners

Our restaurant hosts seasonal farm dinners on select weekends from April through September. Full details are available on our Farm Dinner Page.

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Private Events

The event spaces on our farm are available for casual barbecues or catered dinners. Please contact us for more information.

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